2012 Much Music Awards

June 20, 2012

On June 17th MMVA’s were in my hometown, Toronto.

The streets were flooded with people the entire weekend, mainly for people to catch a glimpse of their favourite artist either sound checking, or performing. On the day of the awards, thousands of people lined up, wrapping around buildings, just to claim their spot in the audience.

The show started with a performance from LMFAO singing a medley of Party Rock Anthem, Champagne Showers, and Sexy And I Know It. Their performance had the crowd going while, as always. The famous “Shuffle Bot” and dancing zebra made its way into the stage as part of the performance as well. Were you wondering why everyone in the audience was wearing raincoats? That’s because during Champagne Showers,LMFAO got bottles of champagne and sprayed it into the audience, making everyone soaking wet. The choreography in the performance was amazing, but let’s not forget about the famous wiggle dance, followed by the tradition of ripping off their pants. I think every performance by LMFAO has definitely reached my standards. They know how to throw a party!

Following LMFAO’s performance was Carly Rae Jepsen singing Call Me Maybe. Carly was singing on a hanging telephone, which in my opinion fit the song perfectly. She always has so much fun on stage.

Much Music’s VJ, Jesse Giddings, kicked off the show’s first award by presenting it with Shenae Grimes. The first award of the night was won by Katy Perry, for International Video of the year. Katy beat out Flo Rida, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and a few other massive artists.

Selena Gomez made her way onto the stage with LMFAO as they presented the next performer, Marianas Trench. The camera showed some audience members freaking out when Selena walked onto stage. She was dressed more casual then I expected, wearing a white collared button up top, and ripped jean shorts.

Victoria Duffield and Far East Movement presented the award for International Video of the Year By A Canadian. The winner was Justin Bieber of course! He aways seems to represent Canada with such pride. He gave a huge thank you to Canada, his fans, and of course his family.

Cody Simpson played a little game on stage with VJ, Jesse Giddings, to see how many high fives he can give the crowd in ten seconds. During those ten seconds, people in the crowd were going absolutely insane just to get a high five from Cody. He then presented the award for International Video of The Year, which was taken home by LMFAO for Sexy and I Know It. If you watched closely, Cody quickly did the famous wiggle dance after announcing their win.

Huge upcoming artist, Ed Sheeran, performed his hit single “A Team.” Ed actually performed inside the Much Music studio, with no audience. The only people in the room were camera men, and his performance was shown on a screen to everyone outside in the audience.

Justin Bieber had a successful night, as he took home another award for Favourite Artist or Group, beating out Carly Rae Jepsen. That’s okay though, because Carly ended up taking home a handful of awards herself, including Favourite Video of the Year for Call Me Maybe.  Scooter Braun must have been one happy man!

Just when you thought the show couldn’t get crazier, Perez Hilton walked on stage with a huge afro wig. No one could take him seriously but himself! He introduced Katy’s performance for Wide Awake, which was stunning. Katy always knows how to put on a good show, even with her new purple hair! I mean, what color hasn’t she tried yet? It doesn’t matter what color hair she has, Katy ends up rocking them all perfectly.

Pretty Little Liars’, Lucy Hale, gave out the final award of the night, which was for your Favorite International Artist. Katy Perry easily took home this award. While accepting the award she could not take a smile off her face, even though she was still in her outfit from when she performed 2 minutes before.

Other performers from the night include Hedley, Nelly Furtado, Flo Rida and Kelly Clarkson.

The final performance of the night, and closing of the show, was the one and only,Justin Bieber. Performing a medley of All Around The World and Boyfriend, the choreography was all I could look at. I definitely saw a huge improvement in Justin’s dancing skills. Especially this performance, Justin really looked like he fit well with his dancers, and every single movement they all did was right on key. Justin’s voice on the other hand, was absolutely flawless. You could tell during Boyfriend that he was tired and out of breathe, but that didn’t stop him. Honestly, I don’t think anything can stop that boy. The whole performance was done with a smile on his face. Justin looked like he was happy to finally be home.  His bright red outfit lit up the stage, literally. Justin had flashing lights on his vest, how cool is that? Justin even found a way to incorporate “DJ Tay James” into his lyrics. The performance ended with Justin saying “I love you Toronto! I love you CANADA!”

Check out Justin’s performance here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6Jf3gPKSBw

Missed the show? Check it out here: www.muchmusic.com



– Before an artist went on stage to accept an award, they had their picture taken by the press.

– Kelly Osborne didn’t show up to the show.

– Carly Rae Jepsen got her makeup done in a van before she hit the red carpet.

– LMFAO actually sprayed the crowd with champagne; a lot of people thought it was water.

– Perez Hilton didn’t just wear his afro wig on stage; he wore it all throughout the night, even at the After Party.

– Before Katy’s performance, light up plastic balls were handed out to the audience, because they had to have them for the performance.

– Yellow ponchos were handed out to the audience so they wouldn’t get too wet from LMFAO’s performance.

– Before Justin went on stage to perform, he was waiting at the side of the stage for a few minutes signing autographs and touching people’s hands.

– Justin Bieber was doing the “chicken dance” backstage.



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