Trend Watch: Braids

May 18, 2012

Like everyone lately, I too am obsessed with braids.  With the popularity of this look rising, blogs such as Tumblr and Pinterest or apps like Instagram, are full of inspiration. Celebs are using the look to hit the red carpets and girls everywhere are taking to social networking sites to show their attempts and successes. Braids are a fun, flirty and an easy-to-achieve look for summer. Some braids are harder to attempt than others, however, YouTube is full of tutorials. I have chosen some of my favorite braided looks below:

My favorite celeb ‘Fishtail Braids’: Alicia Keys, Kendall Jenner, Blake Lively

My favorite Instagram Looks: Fishtail with Color Strands, French Braid into Ponytail, French Bun


My Favorite Tumblr Looks: Waterfall braid, Crown Braid

Most of the looks will take practice or a helping hand from a friend. But each is guaranteed to be unique, sassy and the talk of the party.  If you just can’t master the look you want no matter how many times you try, grab a few minutes of time and watch a tutorial. Check the two out below to assist in achieving fishtail or waterfall. Make sure to Instagram or Blog your success photo; or, feel free to tweet it to me @AshKnowsTheDJ!

-Ashlee M. @AshKnowsTheDJ

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