Summer Fashion: Swimsuit Guide!

May 4, 2012

Have you ever wanted the perfect swimsuit for Summer but every one you try on feels unflattering? Yea, been there, done that. Well, fear no more, I’ve come up with a simple guide to finding the Best You!

Small On Top: Things with embellishments such as ruffles will boost your top, giving the illusion of plump volume! Thick stripes and patterns are also great in this category.

Large On Top: Wear a thick strapped halter top or a top with an underwire. Each of these tops will achieve balance rather than seeming top-heavy (which is what happens in something such as spaghetti straps). A one piece, v-neck also works great in this category by highlighting the best assets.

Lanky: Girly suits and retro suits are the best in this situation.  Since you’re not trying to hide anything, just a girly touch in itself will overshadow the boyish figure.

Curvy: Two toned swimsuits are perfect for illuminating whichever half you despise. i.e: want to mask the top- go dark on top, neon on bottom. Want to mask the bottom- wear black bottoms and a bright or patterned top.  Bandeau tops work great if you’re curvy because they offer simplicity. If you’re already curvy, you don’t want to add too much material and end up feeling frumpy.

Self-Conscious about the Belly: Try a Tankini where the length can be adjusted to hide trouble areas. If two pieces still scares you, opt for a belted whole piece or one that pulls all the fabric to the center; this creates a cinched waist line, essentially masking the belly area.

Self-Concious about the Booty: Boyshort  bottoms are your best friend. The extra coverage not only provides full coverage but it keeps the material from riding up. Also, remember to stick to a dark bottom and if you’re in a one piece, make it a plunging neckline. Nothing wrong with drawing the eye elsewhere, if you know what I mean!

Additional Summer Tips and Tricks:

-1.  Get a Tan: Spray it on, use tinted moisturizer, etc… tanning the skin will illuminate the lines and curves that you dislike.

-2.  Sarongs: The perfect, cute cover-up for your bottom

-3. Chunky Jewelry: Add a cute accessory to pull the focus off your body

-4.  Have a BLAST: A fun, positive attitude overshadows any body insecurity!

Now, quit stressing over summer attire, go get a cute swimsuit to flatter you and have a great summer! If your body type doesn’t fit any of the categories, comment below or tweet me @AshKnowsTheDJ and I’ll try my best to help!

-Ashlee M. @AshKnowsTheDJ


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