Remembering Beastie Boys’ Adam “MCA” Yauch

May 10, 2012

The past few days have definitely been full of memories and tributes dedicated towards Beastie Boys member, Adam Yauch, who died of cancer on Friday May 4th at 47 years of age. You might of known him as “MCA”.

On July 20th, 2009, Adam posted a video on YouTube telling his fans about the unusual source cancer he had in his salivary gland, which is just along the jaw line. The video was full of smiles from Adam, yet he immediately he began undergoing the treatment and radiation process. For the past three years, Adam has been letting everyone know that he is fighting, but still feeling well. But after those three years, his fight was over, which took everyone by surprise. His death took place on May 4th in New York City, which is not far from where he grew up in Brooklyn, NY.

This is the video he made taking about being diagnosed:

Adam was not just known as a Beastie Boy. He was known as a pioneer rapper, social activist for “Tibetan Freedom”, and a role model. As the Beastie Boys formed in 1979, surprisingly they were not taken seriously when they first started. They would present themselves in a unique way with their own sense of identity, which made the public think they were “bratty” and “immature”. Their music videos were known to make them appear as “bad boys” and very reckless. Adam said in an interview “I’m scared that I am influencing people to pursue a bad boy image, when I only act that character in a music video, most of the time.” The boys were very critique about their work, but they also say that even though they grew up in the public eye, their still allowed to make mistakes.

In the 80’s they were known as the biggest white rap group. They changed the sound of rap to a more youthful sound, which everyone seemed to be a huge fan of.  Their sound was focused on being distinctive and different than any other groups, which is what made them leaders of their music generation.

With their huge success, came huge opportunities. The Beastie Boys were fortunate enough to tour with the very popular band Run DMC, and also be a tour opener for Madonna. The band was known for their amazing energy on stage, as well as their unique vocals. The band was inducted into the “Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in December 2011.

All thoughts and prayers are being directed to Adam Yauch’s wife, daughter, and family.



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