Katy Perry is ‘Wide Awake’

May 30, 2012

Concert Movies are all the craze these days. The Jonas Brothers made one, Miley Cyrus released a film, and let’s not forget about Mr. Bieber. His film, “Never Say Never” is one of the most successful concert documentaries of all time.

Katy Perry is the next artist to enter the concert documentary genre this summer with the release of “Katy Perry: Part Of Me.” She performed the single,” Wide Awake,” written for the film, last Sunday at the Billboard Music Awards.

If you got a bit distracted or dizzy watching her performance, check out the lyric video below with the official song version. The lyric video is pretty cool because it’s set up like Facebook Timeline and it reflects all the positive experiences from the past few years in her life and all of her awesome accomplishments.

The song sounds much more different from her other songs, in  a good way of course, and this one seems to have a more serious tone with a  very important message to it.  The song  also seems to discuss her recent divorce from Russell Brand.

The song starts out with: “I’m wide  awake. I was in the dark, I was falling hard with an open heart. How did I read  the stars so wrong. I was dreaming for so long. I wish I knew then what I know  now. I wouldn’t dive in, I wouldn’t bow down.”

Instead of being sad and upset about  being wrong, she is motivated to move on and be happy.  As she sings, “Not losing any sleep, I picked  up every piece and landed on my feet. Need nothing to complete myself. I am  born again, outta the lion’s den. I don’t have to pretend. The story’s over  now, the end.”

Sounds like Katy is trying to say that  while you can be upset for being wrong and having a bad experience, as long as  you can move forward and enjoy life you’ll be OK.  It’s an inspirational message to spread to  young and old people alike.

While, the song is a bit slower than her usual songs like “California Girls”  and “Last Friday Night,” the change is a welcome change and with five #1 songs on her most recent album, I’m sure this one will be a  smash as well.  Have you heard Wide Awake yet? If not, check it out, otherwise you might be dreaming until you do.



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