Inside Scoop: The Voice Finale

May 12, 2012

If you didn’t catch the season finale of The Voice last week you missed an awesome show, complete with balloons, flashing lights, and even a performance from pop royalty, Justin Bieber. The audience was buzzing with excitement when Carson Daily took the stage to start the show.

The night was filled with amazing performances from all final four contestants Jermaine Paul, Chris Mann, Juliet Simms, and Tony Lucca. And each of them sang their hearts out next to previously eliminated contestants. Each did a phenomenal job, but sadly the voting was over and it was time to find out this season’s big winner. However before they crowned the winner, a number of musical super stars needed to take the stage.

A season finale wouldn’t be a finale without some star-studded performances. Special guests consisted of: Flo Rida who took the stage with Juliet Simms to rock the house with hit song ‘Wild Ones’. The Voice also went old school by having Hall and Oates perform “Rich Girl”, while Lady Antebellum added a hint of country debuting their new song ‘Wanted You More’. Last but certainly not least, Justin Bieber took the stage to keep the promise he made previously on the show. He performed his hit single ‘Boyfriend’ for the first time on live TV. Though critics had their complaints, fans couldn’t get enough of this MJ inspired, hip-thrusting, performance.

After the pandemonium better known as Bieber Fever ended, the crowd was able to regain composure and an emotional Jermaine Paul was crowned winner of The Voice Season 2!

Watch the whole finale here:

Inside scoop:

Carson flubbed one of the lines and during the commercial break he re-did the entire thing in Spanish as a joke and ending with “Mucho tequila”.

Tony Lucca squeezed fans hands as he ran on and off the stage… it’s very flirtatious. 😉

Jermaine Paul looks HUGE in person.

Hillary Scott, lead singer of Lady Antebellum, didn’t reach out or seem to notice any of her fans in the audience before or after they performed.

Christina Aguilera gets foot massages each hour she is on set. Like FULL on foot massages, shoes off, foot up and on her podium! DIVA!

Blake Shelton has an insanely strong hand shake.

None of the judges were on their phone for the finale. They all seemed really attentive to the performances, understanding the importance of the night.

Hall and Oates’ ‘Rich Girl’ performance was pre-recorded & they did it twice to get everything right.

Justin Bieber’s performance was flawless in person, you didn’t even hear him miss a word.

Christina Aguilera got off her judges chair twice during commercial breaks to come sign autographs for fans.

Each judge’s makeup team came to fan them, fix their hair and makeup during each commercial break.

3 fans passed out during Justin Bieber’s performance… That has only happened one other time on The Voice set and it was the last time JB was in attendance.

I was lucky enough to run into Justin after the performance and he was especially excited to see fans and get some instant feedback. Though he thought he missed some steps in the choreography, he was overall very happy with it considering it was his first time performing the song to a live audience.


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