Inside Scoop: Justin Bieber’s MTV BOYFRIEND video premier

May 8, 2012

Thursday, May 3rd, the countdown for Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ video FINALLY ended. If you are a fan you empathize with the agonizing days and nights that were spent trying to figure out what in the heck was going on with this dang video… if you don’t follow Justin closely, you have no idea what I am talking about. So let me break it down for you, Justin filmed two separate videos for this single. The first video directed by Collin Tilley was axed due to rumors of video being too steamy for Bieber taste. Justin has put in a real effort towards NOT losing his younger fan base, only adding to, with a more mature audience. So Justin being the perfectionist he is, shot a WHOLE new video with Director X.

This is the music video that premiered on MTV last Tuesday. I had the AMAZING opportunity to be in the audience with Justin, MTV’s Sway, and a couple other very lucky fans to watch the music video with Justin while it debuted LIVE on MTV. It was a very private and exclusive event with no more than 45 fans there live. But I am going to give you the INSIDE SCOOP!

Here is how the event went down…

A line piled up outside the Petersen Auto Museum in LA around one o’clock. You could tell everyone  and a slight bit nervous for the event to get started. Geoff, the man in charge of the production lined everyone up and filed us all one by one into the building. As we headed up the elevator Geoff announce through his ear pieces that “The Beliebers have arrived” as if to let everyone know to be on high alert! Geoff led us into a HUGE white tent, in the center there was a few small benches, a couple of chairs, and Justin’s makeup chair was off to the fair right. I instantly ran for it to take a couple glam shots. (Who misses out of that kind of opportunity? NOT ME!).

Everyone filed into the tent and the air instantly thicken with anticipation. A couple of guys walked in with Subway, cookies, and water bottles but no one touched a thing. We were about to get up close and personal with Justin-freaking-Bieber, who wants Subway breath and cookie gunk in their teeth? Time passed like a slug on a hot day while we all anxiously awaited for things to get started and the man of the hour to appear.

After what seemed like FOREVER, a man walked in and proceeded to give us what I like to call the “Belieber Talk”. If you haven’t been to one of these events, it goes a little something like this “Do not tackle Justin, do not hug Justin, do not scream in Justin’s face, don’t faint, do not grab Justin, Do not try to kiss Justin, don’t reach for him, but most of all DO NOT FREAK OUT”. It’s almost if they think we’re all wild animals craving a piece of the Biebster (they know us well Ha-Ha). After this amazing pep talk, he explained what exactly was going to happen. Justin and Sway were going to pull up in the back seat of this car.

They were going to walk the small red carpet, premier the video, get some fan questions, and then move on to the online segment of the show which was to include more questions from Sway and the fans. After this small rundown, he led everyone into the area where the filming was going to take place.

The room was buzzing with excitement. Sway came in took some pictures with fans and processed to run through his questions with “Fake Justin” AKA Geoff, the man running production.

Everyone Meet @GeoffreyMcCarthy

Jeff was awesome, loved us Beliebers, and played a pretty convincing “Justin” during the Sway run-through. Not to mention he looks like Josh Hutcherson (YUM!).

The MTV crew was going around handing out questions for the audience to ask Justin, yes they TOLD us what to ask him (now you finally get why the fan questions on these things are always so lame). Regardless, of the lame-a-tude of the questions, I wanted to ask him one and thankfully got the chance to, but we’ll get to that later.

Then,  it was just minutes before we were to go LIVE! The whole MTV production team tenses as we all overhear through their ear pieces that Justin had finally arrived; true to Justin’s swaggie style, not a second to late. Echoes of “he’s here” roared through the crowd.

We were live in the blink of an eye! Justin & Sway were speeding into the building, getting out of the car, and walking the red carpet. Justin’s attention was 100% on the fans hugging and talking to each of us as he strolled the carpet. Once seated, Justin premiered the video right away. He knew his fans couldn’t wait one second longer. Watch the video below.

While the video was premiering, Justin’s eyes were glued to the screen. His mode focused, the mode you hear everyone that’s been in the studio with him talk about. At that moment it was all business. As for us fans in the audience, it was a different story. It was time to celebrate the fact that we were able to see the music video premier of ‘BOYFRIEND’ with the man himself, Mr. Justin Bieber. We danced and sang along to each and every word.

Justin, feeding off our appreciation and excitement, cracked a smile which only got bigger as the video progressed. Once it was over, he took a deep breath and was ready to have some fun with the fans and Sway.

JB answered a plethora of questions about his album “Believe“, his Beliebers, & his future plans in Hollywood. Even answering my question about his SWAGGIE gold shoes!

Watch the whole interview here:

In a flash, it was over. Its speed even shocked Justin. When Sway said it was a wrap Justin replied “don’t we have the online segment?”! Sway and I both said in unison “That’s what we just taped.” Sway looked at me and then at Justin and said “See she knows” ha-ha! Biebs was clearly having way too much fun with us. But sadly it was over and Justin was on his way back to the studio to choose songs for the final cut of ‘Believe’ (which may come out in two parts, keep checking out #WeKnowTheDJ for more details). The audience was left in awe reliving each moment with Justin over and over as they slowly left the building!

One thing is for sure Justin Bieber’s video, music, and presence in Hollywood isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So if you’re not a fan, it might be time to learn to love the Biebs!


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