Happy 25th Birthday Tay!!!!!!!!!

May 15, 2012

25 years ago today, a DJ was born. You may know him as DJ Tay James, but we know him as “the bossman.” He started djing when he was 12 years old and is now one of the most successful DJs on the scene, not only mixing dope beats but also creating the internationally known name, #WeknowTheDJ.

He may not attend all Skype sessions and occasionally forgets to send an email or two, but he has a good excuse. He’s a busy, busy guy! And if it weren’t for him we wouldn’t have this amazing opportunity as writers to express our thoughts and share the latest in music news and fashion with all of you. So this is our birthday dedication to Tay James.

“Tay- Thank you for everything…for believing in me and allowing my passion for writing to be seen. Thank you for trusting me and my crazy feature ideas, for putting up with my weekly “pitbull” rants, and handling my demanding antics. 🙂 You’re an amazing guy, a great friend, the perfect boss, and crazy talented DJ. Life it up today,  birthdays after 25 aren’t as fun to celebrate! Happy Birthday old man!Haha!”-@Kellie_Cox

“Happy Birthday Tay! Thanks for this opportunity! I’m so grateful for everything that has happened thanks to being a writer for your site! We’ll celebrate when you come back to LA! Hope you have a fantastic birthday!” –@AshleyAnne805

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you once again for the opportunity you’ve given all of us. As well as a huge thanks for putting up with me and my recurring technical difficulties. So far it’s been an amazing ride, and we’ve only just begun. I look forward to a future filled with laughs and even more inside jokes cause ya know… we’re the 3 best friends that anyone could have! I hope you have a wonderful 25th birthday Tay, we can’t wait to celebrate with you!”-@MegMcQuaide

“Happy Birthday Tay! I know I’m new to the team and haven’t really got to know you yet but I hope that day will come! Thank you for this opportunity you have given me to be a writer on your website, it means a lot to me. I learn more and more each day from your other writers, and just by browsing through the site, so thank you! I hope your birthday is everything you wish for, you deserve it!Have an amazing day! Hope to see you soon :)”-@NicoleCampea

“Happy Birthday, Tay! I could never thank you enough for giving me this amazing opportunity. In so many ways, this was just the piece of puzzle my life was missing. Crazy how in a flash, a really big world can collide with such a small one. The craziest chain of events and meeting of the best people presented itself at just the right time to land me here, but all thanks to you. Wishing you the greatest day and hoping you don’t re-route the tour just to miss Missouri! LoL…. After all, something good comes from here…the fashion writer who is so happy to “Know The DJ” 🙂 Happy Birthday!!!” @AshKnowsTheDJ


-Your WeKnowTheDJCrew
Kellie, AshleyAnne, Meg, Nicole, & Ashlee

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