Demi Lovato and Britney Spears Confirmed as X Factor Judges

May 15, 2012

Yes, the rumors are true! Demi Lovato will be joining the judge’s panel on X Factor, alongside with the unforgettable pop star, Britney Spears. They will both be joining judge’s Simon Cowell, and LA Reid when season two starts later on this Fall.

Demi Lovato, 19-year-old Disney Superstar, is expected to bring a lot to the show. Being very successful in the music industry at such a young age is a huge thing to look up to as a judge/mentor.

Britney is now 30 years old, but just like Demi, she started her career at a very young age. She agreed to the X Factor contract just last week, racking in over $15 million for the full season.

X Factor producers wanted to bring Demi and Britney on board this season because they feel the pop singers can make the show more youthful to attract a younger audience. Both singers definitely went through many obstacles in their past, which makes this a perfect way to share their  experiences with upcoming and aspiring artists on the show. The contestants can find a way to learn from their past mistakes and struggles, by just knowing about what Demi and Britney have gone through.

As you already know, Demi struggled with physical and mental problems, which led her to rehab last year. What Demi will bring to this season  is a lot of confidence, and knowledge about the industry. She will be expected to be a great mentor. Right after she got out of rehab she picked herself up and came out with her newest album “Unbroken”, and did countless documentaries about her story. Demi isn’t afraid to speak her mind and the truth, but also has so much experience in music, she will know exactly how to prepare and be an amazing mentor to the contestants.

People seem to be more excited about Demi joining the panel, than Britney Spears. Demi is a very iconic music sensation, who is always busy scheduling concerts, and events. Brit hasn’t been around lately; so it will be a big change to see her back on live TV, also that she had her big break years ago, which has now slowed down. Twitter  has blown up with comments about the news, with tweets like, “Britney Spears &Demi Lovato are the new judges on X Factor! Can’t waitttttt for this season”, and “I cannot wait for Demi and Brit to be on x factor next season, going to watch it even more now!” Fans are very excited to see a different image on the judge’s panel, especially being Demi, a young inspirational star, which a lot of people look up to as a role model.

Many fans have spoken out their own opinion on the addition to the show. Kristen Parker, 17 years old from Toronto, who might just be Demi’s number one fan, has a lot to say about the big news. “I think shell make a great judge. She’s been performing whether it is beauty pageants a television show or singing all her life so she has the advice and I also think she wouldn’t be afraid to give constructive criticism”, Kristen says. “I think she’s different from Britney because she can speak better for a younger audience and that tends to be what X Factor attracts the most.”

Britney also has a lot to offer as a judge. She has been in the business for over 15 years, which makes her a lot more experienced than Demi Lovato. Britney is expected to give advice based on her experience throughout her years in the industry. She will be a good mentor for the contestants as she has learned to avoid her own obstacles in life and continue doing what she loves.

Don’t forget to watch season two of X Factor, which will be aired later on this Fall.


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