2012 Billboard Music Awards

May 21, 2012

It’s that time of year again; The 2012 Billboard Music Awards took place this year at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

Despite the beautiful and stylish outfits on the white carpet, there was a ton of talent present at the awards show last night. Huge artists like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Chris Brown, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, and Carrie Underwood performed and were nominated for numerous awards.

“Modern Family’s” Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell, who both have an extreme sense of humor, teamed up to host the show

Starting off the show was a performance by LMFAO. With their upbeat and “party rocking” music, it was a perfect way to get the crowd warmed up for what else was to come throughout the show. In the middle of their performance, someone dressed up in a zebra costume hit the stage. Come on, only LMFAO can get away with that kind of crazy stuff! And you can’t forget their signature move, wiggling in their underwear!

Top Social artist award was the first one to be given. The winner was, JUSTIN BIEBER! Beating out huge artists like Rihanna and Eminem, Justin made chart history by being number one for 50 weeks on the billboard chart. Looking cuter than ever, Justin started his speech by talking about how he started on the Internet, and thanked the fans for everything that they have ever done for him. Justin didn’t say his signature speech, talking about how he came from a small town in Canada. This year’s speech went like this, “Thank you so much to my mom, my dad and to God, because… I could keep rambling forever but I want to say thank you so much, fans, everyone… SWAGGIE!” Only twelve minutes into the show, and Justin Bieber is already walking away with an award. Congratulations Justin!

The second award of the night was The Spotlight award, which goes to Katy Perry! She had 5 number one hits, which beat Michael Jacksons record. This award went to the artist who had more than one outstanding singles in the top charts for a long period of time.

The Wanted was the second performance of the night. Singing a medley of their hit singles “Chasing the Sun” and “Glad You Came” as they walked through the crowd while performing. As the whole crowd was jumping around and enjoying their time, the boys seemed very comfortable with performing in front of thousands. Their performance looked like it came naturally to them.

The beautiful and talented Miley Cyrus presented the New Artist award. Going up against artists like Foster the People, and Scotty McCreery from American Idol, Wiz Khalifa took the award home, with four top ten single’s in the past year, including “Black and Yellow.”

Performing “Scream”, Usher killed his performance! It was full of choreography, pure vocals, flashing lights and explosions. In the middle of his performance, a man who looked identical to Usher started mimicking his moves, creating a mirror affect, which was pretty cool and something different to add to the performance. Usher has been around the industry for a long time, but even as he gets older, he just keep getting better at what he does.

The Hot 100 Song Of The Year goes to, LMFAO for “Party Rock Anthem” which ruled the top 100 for 6 weeks last summer.

Justin’s performance was PERFECT, as always. Justin and his dancers did a perfect job with the choreography throughout the whole song. In his all white outfit, Justin changed up the performance from his last one on The Voice. Remixing the song that would to add more dance moves, the performance was invigorating. Way to go Biebs, you did it again!

Following Justin’s performance was his BFFL Carly Rae Jepsen performing “Call Me Maybe.” Having a blast on stage as always, Carly sounded sharp and on key. But no heels for Carly tonight, as she was rocking a cute pair of sneakers followed by mint green jeans and a comfy shirt. Her hit song “Call Me Maybe” is just one of those songs that you can sing and dance to all day.

R&B Artist Of The Year is awarded to Chris Brown for having more top ten hits on the R&B chart than any other singer. Chris was quick with his speech, but got right to the point by thanking God, his fans, family, and also radio stations for playing his music.

The Billboard Awards did a heartfelt tribute dedicated to Whitney Houston. Jordan Sparks and John Legend performed beautifully during the tribute. Both of them perfected their performances, leaving Bobbi Kristina, Whitney’s daughter, in tears. Whitney’s sister in law and daughter accepted The Millennium Award that was awarded to Whitney.

Legendary Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys blew up the stage as they did a duet performing “Higher Ground.” Stevie’s birthday just recently passed and for his birthday gift he wanted Alicia to sing “Empire State of Mind” acapella. Alicia then presented him with the Icon Award. Another speechless performance done by Stevie, as he bursts out the harmonica in between his piano performance. To end the show, Stevie did a fun performance of “Superstition.”

This year’s show was another one that will be unforgettable! From amazing performances, to beautiful outfits on the carpet, this year’s Billboard Awards was definitely not one to miss.

*Note*All awards were presented during the show. Here is the list of all the winners: http://www.billboard.biz/bbbiz/industry/record-labels/billboard-music-awards-the-winners-list-1007108352.story

Cant wait to see what is in store for next year!


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