Up and Coming Recording Artist: Noah Guthrie

April 12, 2012

Noah Guthrie is beginning to make a name for himself with his soulful voice and heart-felt, relatable lyrics. He’s an 18-year-old singer/songwriter from Greer, South Carolina and has already accomplished more than most aspiring musicians. He’s been the opening act for Vanessa Carlton, Tyler Hilton, teen queen Selena Gomez, and even preformed at this year’s KIIS FM Pre-Grammy party. He’s signed with LH7, the management company owned by Selena’s mom and stepdad, Mandy and Brian Teefey.

Born into a musical family, his dad was in a band in the 70’s and his brother is a drummer, Noah started a local band in which he played the bass. At the age of 16, Noah submitted a cover of U2’s ‘Where the Streets have No Name’ to The Ellen Degeneres show. His cover was featured on the show’s website for 4 months and gave him just enough exposure to get Brian’s attention. The rest of his success story happened in a whirlwind over the past two years.

Noah isn’t your average teen artist; his signature sound is more Americana than mainstream Pop and R&B. He has a voice that’s all his own, there’s no one to compare him to. (For those movie buffs out there, I’ll say his voice sounds like “a combination of Fergie and Jesus” haha!) And it seems Miss Gomez agrees with me. In an interview before her UNICEF charity concert, Selena raved about Noah saying  “His voice is amazing, it’s beautiful.”

With all the excitement that comes with fame, it’s hard to keep a good head on your shoulders but Noah has already mastered the craft of  staying humble. His secret? He’s his biggest critic. While his fans are praising his performance, he’s constantly analyzing ways to improve his sets or his voice. Soon Noah will be going into analyzing overload after his performances because he will be touring with Cobra Starship and Neon Trees, a  few more mainstream names to add to his already extensive resume. (You can catch him at Cobra Starship’s upcoming shows in St. Louis, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.) Aside from touring, Noah is working on the final touches of his first original album  with inspirations from U2, The Civil Wars, and Dave Matthews.

In preparations for his debut album, Noah makes trips to LA where he stays at Selena’s house under the managerial supervision of Mandy and  Brian, he is constantly attending writing sessions with lyrical geniuses such as Javier Dunn (Guitarist for Sara Bareilles),  Christina Grimmie, and he gets to fulfill a dream of writing with Matthew Perryman Jones in a few weeks.

If this young man could work with one artist on his upcoming album, he would jump at any chance to work with Adele (check out his cover of ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ & ‘Someone Like You’  below), U2, or The Civil Wars. Selena has even mentioned in interviews before that “there are two songs that I love of his that I wanna, hopefully get on. That would be nice.” I could definitely go for a Noah and Sel collaboration, couldn’t you?

Remember the name Noah Guthrie because this kid is going nowhere but up. And if you haven’t joined the Noah Guthrie Fan Club by now,  visit his Youtube page (http://www.youtube.com/user/only1noah where he covers Bruno Mars, Selena, Justin Bieber, and many others) and give his voice a chance, I promise you won’t regret it.

Follow Noah’s success on Twitter at @Only1Noah! Also give his original track ‘Adore‘ a listen & let us know what you think!

– @Kellie_Cox

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