The Wanted’s Week of Debuts!

April 27, 2012

The day has finally come! The Wanted has released their début US album, The Wanted: EP on iTunes and the fans are eating it up! The album, which was released at midnight on April 24th found its way to the Top 20 list in no time, and now holds the #7 spot on the iTunes Top 10. So for those of you that haven’t already jumped on The Wanted bandwagon, now’s the time. Their first single “Glad You Came” has been holding steady on the Billboard’s Hot 100 for over 2 months now, so there is no doubting some of their new tracks will be topping the charts soon!

Since the release of their second single Gold Forever, The Wanted “fanmily” has been anxiously awaiting the album’s release, trending #TheWantedEP on Twitter just before it dropped. So far the support from the fans has been nothing short of incredible for the British/Irish boy band. As if the release of the album wasn’t exciting enough, they debuted the new music video for their latest single “Chasing The Sun” on MTV later that same day. They performed the single flawlessly last week on The Voice, and again on The Today Show this passed Tuesday. The music video features the handsome men of The Wanted, accompanied by equally gorgeous female vampires. Weren’t expecting that one, were you? But hey, I’m not complaining, sexy guys, sexy accents and sexy vampires… count me in!

Check out the video for Chasing the Sun below, and purchase The Wanted EP on iTunes here!

Check out’s track-by-track review of The Wanted EP here!


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