The Voice: The Wanted & The Biebs

April 19, 2012

I had the amazing privilege of attending one of The Voice’s biggest shows this season! Not only did The Wanted performed their latest single ‘Chasing the Sun’,  but the contestants from Team Blake & Team Christina put on a great show, and the one and only Justin Bieber was in attendance, showing a clip of his new music video for his latest single ‘Boyfriend‘. He also had a HUGE announcement that beliebers have waited weeks for.

The Wanted:
The Wanted started off the show with a BANG! Fog-filled floors, a dozen hot dancers, and five sexy British boys singing their hearts out with bursts of flames in the background… What is not to love about that performance?

The Wanted totally killed it and were the perfect start to such a big night on The Voice. Though the producers of the show made the guys do two different takes of the performance, they didn’t mind. They were having a blast with their fans. Max stopped several times to chat with fans, hug them, even give a few kisses on the cheek & forehead. You could tell both from the performance on the show and from being in the live audience, that this band truly enjoys what they do. After the performance cut, Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes personally hugged each member of Team Blake and wished them good luck! These guys can’t get much sweeter!

Even bigger news for all you Wanted fans, Their new self-titled album will be released on April 24Th! They will be combining some of their songs from their two previous albums, as well as their two hits ‘Glad You Came’ & ‘Chasing The Sun’, along with some other new songs. They also just released their track list for the album. You can check it out now on their official Tumblr page (
Are you guys ready for The Wanted’s new album?

The Voice:
After Carson announced that Chris Mann from Team Christina and Jermaine Paul from Team Blake were saved, Ashley De La Rosa took to the stage. She took a moment to FREAK OUT to the audience about Justin Bieber being back stage saying “He’s RIGHT there, he hugged me OMG”. She then proceeded to get focused and put on a killer confident rendition of “You and I”. Lindsey Pavao then sang a heartfelt version of “Please Don’t Go” that saved her spot on the show till next week. Erin Willett went on to bring down the house singing “Proud Mary”, while Raelynn sang a lovely version of “If I Die Young”. Blake chose to save Erin, leaving a crying and heartbroken Realynn to exit the stage, not even glancing at her coach as she passed him. All and all every contestant put on a great live show, most sounded even better in person! I cannot wait to see who wins this season!
Who is your favorite singer on this season of The Voice?

The Biebs:
Lastly Mr. Justin Bieber was there to show a clip of his new music video for “Boyfriend”. When he stepped on the stage everyone went CRAZY! However, Justin played it cool, like always. He embraced all the craziness and went straight for the fans in the audience, running past them with his hand touching each and every one of them in the pit (myself included). One lucky fan even got a kiss on the CHEEK! After his main priority, (his fans), were taken care of, Biebs then went to for Carson to talk business. Bieber announced the world premier of his music video, showing us all a little taste of grown up Justin, in a steamy, sexy, MJ inspired, 45 second clip of his newest video ‘Boyfriend’ (watch the clip below).

However, as we all know Justin is always full of surprises and he never disappoints… He also announced that his much-anticipated album, “Believe”, will be released June 19th! In addition to that, he will be performing ‘Boyfriend’ live on The Voice May 8th!
Who is excited for Justin’s new album and his live performance on The Voice May 8th?

The Inside Scoop:
Cee Lo Green was racing through the back lot on a golf cart to get to the show on time, he was running late.

Adam Levine pulled in the lot right as I was walking to the restroom. The car he drove was a sexy black coupé sports car with sliver trim and huge rims. He wore a plain white T and dark skinny jeans before arriving on set.

Justin drove himself rocking his famous matte black range rover. However, it did look like it could use a wash. LOL!

I mentioned The Wanted performed their single twice with no complaints. This happens often on TV show sets; they want to make sure they get every angle perfectly. At home you see a combination of both performances.

Christina only responded to the audiences shouts of “I love you” when we were on air the rest of the time she totally ignored them.

Cee Lo Green was sweating like crazy and had to continuously be wiped off by his makeup artist.

Adam was texting on his phone basically the entire show.

I had to watch the live show over again to hear Justin’s big announcement because you could not hear a thing in the audience through the screams.

While the ‘Boyfriend’ video was playing, Justin was dancing on The Voice stage to his song.

When Justin went to hug the judges everyone went in for a hug except Christina, she put out her hand but Biebs went in for the hug anyways. From the looks of it Christina wasn’t too pleased.

The fan that Justin kissed on the CHEEK got interviewed by the hype man after the kiss and told her she was “making all of us jealous” & she responded “I’m making Selena jealous too”!!! Dang what a response!!

The second Justin was done taping, he and his team left to catch the Laker Game at the staples center.


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