Fashion in the Music Scene: Christina Aguilera

April 17, 2012

Look who’s back y’all! The live shows have begun on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ and Christina Aguilera showed up looking better than ever. Rumor has it, that after watching the battle rounds (which were pre-taped), Christina became very upset with the way she looked and made a clear point to appear different once the live shows aired.  Well, Miss Aguilera, you have truly outdone yourself.  She looks stunning! The heavy makeup has lightened, the platinum hair appears more natural and the confidence is overflowing.  I wasn’t the only one to note this change, as the blogs and social media were a flurry after the first show aired.  Everyone was questioning if it was weight loss, was it a new stylist, was it self-esteem, etc… truth of it is, does it matter? She seems happy with herself, there’s no denying she looks fabulous and the old Christina seems to have come back with a vengeance.

The yellow curve hugging dress worked perfectly with Christina’s skin tone, but proved to not be the only color she looks flawless in. A few days later, she stepped out with her beau, Matt Rutler in a blue form-fitting dress and looked just as fabulous.  Whether it be a new stylist or a new trainer, this Christina looks better than ever and I hope she’s here to stay. I’m not here to speculate, because I believe every woman should embrace who she is, but I do have to say, regardless of what she wears, ‘Confidence looks great on you, Xtina.’

-Ashlee M. @AshKnowsTheDJ

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