Believe: The Countdown Continues…..

April 24, 2012


Already have a countdown going until “Believe” comes out on June 19? You’re not the only one! The album  is thought to have an R&B feel to it, which is completely different from  what Justin Bieber has recorded for his past albums.

On April 23rd, over 20 million beliebers  were jealous of a few lucky UK beliebers and media, as they were the first to hear “Believe” at the playback event held at London’s Supper Club.

Justin has recorded over 40 songs for the album,  which means a lot of songs have to get cut. After fan’s heard about all the  song deductions, they immediately took action and got “Believe 2.0” to trend worldwide on Twitter, hoping it would catch  Justin’s eye. Eleven songs have been confirmed on the album already.

UK’s radio and TV broadcaster, Reggie Yates, hosted  the album playback event. He tweeted, “Hosting the  Justin Bieber album playback.. Scooter just played me the drake track. Yeah dem  next level ones…” via @REGYATES, followed by a picture of himself and Justin.  (

After the event, UK media reporters,  photographers, and camera crew tweeted their thoughts and opinions on the songs  that they just heard. James Ingham is a Daily  Star columnist in the UK that was lucky enough to attend the event. He  follows his attendance with some tweets giving us insider information about the album (via @JAMESINREHAB):

“Justin Bieber reveals he has written a song about Mariah  Yeater who claimed she had a baby with him. #justinbieber

“Justin also talked about collaborations with Taylor  Swift, Drake, Ludacris & another big named rapper who he wouldn’t reveal. #justinbieber

“Album is heavily influenced by big production R&B/club songs but best tracks r an old school soul jam & guitar-based solo #justinbieber

“Justin Bieber revealed plans for world tour & said  he’s a good boyfriend because he’s ‘honest & patient” with girlfriends  #justinbieber

How excited  are you now? All these collaborations with huge artists such as Taylor Swift, Drake, and Ludacris, makes it impossible to fit them all onto one album. Hey Justin, how about you release two albums instead of one? I’m  sure 20 million other people will easily agree with me!

“Chart  Show” is a very popular music channel in the UK. Their correspondents and  producers were also at the Believe playback today. Here are some things they  tweeted after the event (via @ChartShowTV):

“The 7 songs @justinbieber played us were Die In  Your Arms, All Around The World, Believe, Be Alright, Right Here, Proud of You, & As Long As You Love Me! He said he wrote Believe for the fans….and there is a track he’s written for his mum…”

“…..and there’s another track about that  ‘Maria’ woman!”  Oops! I think they meant  to spell “Mariah”, as Justin has said in an interview that one song is in fact  about the scandal with Mariah Yeater and what he was going through in that  difficult time.

Beliebers, you  might be familiar with the track “Be  Alright”, which Justin performed at “Home for the Holiday’s” on December  21st 2011 in Toronto. That track is 100% confirmed to be on the album, as it’s  one of Justin’s favorite songs he recorded.

Check out the performance of “Be Alright”: (
The excitement keeps building! Also, look forward to a few special announcements coming soon including tour dates, ticket sales, and all that exciting stuff!

Let  the countdown continue, beliebers!


gif credit – @breeezybelieber

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