Lil Wayne – The Personal Stylist?

March 12, 2012

Lil Wayne - Trukfit

Lil’ Wayne has made plenty of claims about his skills and abilities over the years; “The Greatest Rapper Alive,” title immediately comes to mind. But “Lil’ Wayne: Personal Stylist”; is not one that he’s boasted about through his music or in interviews. Weezy’s recent release of the streetwear clothing line Trukfit has highlighted his what some would call eclectic fashion sense.

The martian has been seen in any and everything from athletic jerseys, baggy jeans, and fitteds accented by iced out platinum chains; to leopard print leggins, skater shirts and recently even furry moonboots. With that type diversity in his wardrobe Wayne has refused to be categorized into one specific style. Instead, he has made a concerted effort to be a trendsetter and without question dared to be different.

When VIBE magazine recently asked Weezy how he felt about influencing so many kids and adults alike through his fashion style he said, “Nah, I don’t be trippin. I just love the opportunity,” which is the same attitude that can be attributed to dude’s fashion decisions.

Love or Hate Lil Wayne’s style choices, he his at least commendable for his desire to make clothes that are relatively inexpensive and do not exclude anybody from purchasing. This without bucks the trend that has been set by many artists who embark upon the fashion designer journey, i.e. Play Clothes, Sean John, and Kanye’s mysterious line.

So give Lil’ Wayne credit, it can be debated whether or not he’s the greatest rapper dead or alive, but it is indisputable that he has plans of becoming a mogul; and his Trukfit clothing line is another goal he can check off the “how to be a mogul” checklist.

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-T. Adeyemi
“Be Real, Be True, Keep it 100.”

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