Katy Perry: Part Of Me

March 22, 2012

 Just a few months into the new year and Katy Perry is already (to no surprise) slaying the music scene. Although it has been a dramatic year for the now blue haired bombshell, it has given her the chance to demonstrate the girl power charisma she so often sings about. At this years Grammy Awards Perry debuted a new song entitled “Part of Me”, that blew the crowd and viewers, around the country away. The new track, with lyrics such as “Cause you ripped me off, your love was cheap, was always tearing at the seams” seemed to hit close to home for soon-to-be divorced Perry. Personal business aside, the song is a smash, and still holds a spot on iTunes Top Songs chart.

Katy Perry never disappoints with her music videos, but with such an emotional song as this, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. The music video was released just a few hours ago, and the feedback has already been incredible. The video showcases Perry’s strength as she takes control of her life, and refuses to let anything stand in her way. Short hair, war paint, and camouflage, Katy is looking nothing short of FIERCE. Check out the video below and let us know what you think!


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