Fashion of the Music Scene: Miley Cyrus

March 2, 2012

When focusing on the trend of combat boots, none other than Miley Cyrus comes to mind.  She wears these things literally everywhere, and has even sported them on the red carpet (*See below). Miley has that awesome, boho hippie vibe to her which completely meshes with her boots.  Combat boots are spotted on tons of celebs but they will always correlate my thoughts with Miley.  Though she’s as glamorous as the rest and looks fabulous in dress attire, there’s just something about a southern girl staying true to her roots that pulls on the heart-strings. Keep working those boots, Miley; Combat style looks like its sticking around the trend circuit for a while. Who agrees that combat boots just may be Miley’s signature piece!?

-Ashlee M.


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