Fashion of the Music Scene: Adam Levine

March 8, 2012

Adam Levine in a… Grandpa sweater!?  All the hype after Monday nights ‘NBC The Voice’ was– Adam’s sweater. Critics took to their blogs to tear apart his fashion choice while I sat there and thought, really?! Can Adam Levine look bad in anything? I personally don’t think it was awful; however, apparently twitter disagreed. As tweets rolled in critiquing his attire, Adam made sure to let them know his view late Monday night by sending out the tweet, “I like my sweater. Grandfather sweaters are badass. Get with the program.”

I can’t really see a rocker guy like Adam being brought down by one’s opinion of his sweater, but for what it’s worth, I actually loved it. It looks like he’s warm… and fuzzy…. and cuddly… oh wait, what?! *Sigh

But seriously, what about the time David Beckham was spotted in the same sweater as Adam?

Or what about this sweater that Justin Bieber was seen wearing back in early 2011?

I think Adam’s right- get with the program people, Grandpa Sweaters are IN!  Don’t worry Adam, I’ve got your back! 😉

-Ashlee M.

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