Fashion in the Music Scene: Justin Bieber

March 28, 2012

This week has been a huge week in Bieber world. New music, appearances, radio promotion and numerous tweets from the main man himself. While Justin pushes to transform his music to a more mature sound, he does the same with his look. Over the course of the past months, we’ve seen Justin morph into a young man right before our eyes; all the while seeing his look remain true to him, just an older version. Just this week Justin has double worn the fab jacket pictured above simply by switching the under shirt. He stepped out in yellow for an appearance on The Ellen Show and changed it up to orange a few days later for a long day of Promo. Double wear proves that Justin is still down to earth and matter of fact, just yesterday in an interview, he admitted to wearing his jeans twice before washing. *He IS human! None the less, this jacket is mature yet youthful, stylish yet accessible, and perfect for an 18-year-old mature, young man.

Meanwhile, another look seems to have also taken to Justin’s liking… Plaid and button ups!

Justin really sets the standard for young men. For example, above, JB looks as if he threw his outfits together with ease, yet achieves the essence to make millions of girls swoon. His appearance shows that it doesn’t take a lot of effort or money to look nice. It’s as easy as a white t-shirt with a button up thrown over the top.  Take notes boys, it seems as if this guy is doing something right!

So to all you single fellas: iron those button ups or throw on a trendy black jacket. Either way, grab the new track ‘Boyfriend’ and play it for your girl, snagging the Biebs’ fashion tips would just be a bonus!

-Ashlee M.



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