Countdown to Boyfriend

March 23, 2012

Beliebers around the world have only one thing on their minds lately… ‘Boyfriend’. Justin Bieber’s new single off of his upcoming album, “Believe“, is set for release next Monday, March 26th. However, starting a few days ago, a countdown began on to build the already existing excitement. Bieber and his team have tweeted about the single for weeks now, even tweeting some of the  lyrics here and there. Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun tweeted just the other day, “@justinbieber sitting here. im throwing in my 2 cents – “BOYFRIEND” is hater-proof. gets better and better every listen. SMASH BUDDY!” He has also tweeted that radio DJs around the country are praising the song, causing fans to be a little jealous, but none the less psyched to finally hear it.

Bieber’s last album, “Under The Mistletoe” gave us a taste of his new, mature sound, and has us craving more. So far the countdown has revealed the two cover photos for his single, which Bieber gave fans the opportunity to choose between, as well as lyrics from the song, and another photo from the Boyfriend photo shoot. The most exciting reveal of all was the intro teaser that was posted yesterday, giving the fans an idea of what to expect for this new track. While filming The Ellen Degeneres Show yesterday (airs today, March 23rd) with newly signed Carly Rae Jepsen, Bieber decided to give us yet another surprise by playing a 15 second clip from the song. The excitement is now overwhelming, and with a single this incredible, “Believe” definitely won’t disappoint. Continue checking back on for today’s reveal!

Check out the video of Justin and Carly on Ellen below to hear the clip from “Boyfriend


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