Thank You JB: A Song That Gives Back

February 12, 2012

A new year means new music, and I think we can all agree that Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe‘ is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year. Although we’re not entirely sure what to expect with this new album, we do know that he is working with some pretty incredible artists. Seeing that the singer will be turning 18 next month, we can only assume we’re going to be experiencing a more mature sound than were used to. But as it turns out, Bieber isn’t the only one hard at work to provides his fans with some new music, those fans of his are working just as hard! As a birthday dedication Bieber’s Beliebers will be releasing an original song on iTunes, entitled “Thank You JB” along with a music video YouTube on Bieber’s birthday, March 1st.

It started with a simple idea, but turned into a project with over hundreds of Beliebers around the world participating. Together a group of girls wrote the lyrics, incorporating the ideas from the hundreds of emails they were sent after sharing their ideas on Twitter. Now that the lyrics have been compiled, the song lies in the hands of the producers, who are working to put together a track that will suit the lyrics the girls worked so hard to create. With lyrics such as, “Thank you JB for giving hope to everyone” we expect the track to be laid back, and nothing short of amazing. I know you’re probably all wondering, who is going to be singing this unbelievable song? While nothing is set in stone, the girls hope to have some of the most popular voices of YouTube sing on the track, as well as one of the organizers herself, Kadra Hosh (@K_Hoshyyy) who has a beautiful voice, if I do say so myself.

As for the music video, who better to be featured than Beliebers?! There are 3 different video shoots that will be taking place in Los Angeles, New York, and the UK, and all Beliebers are invited! Each video shoot requires Beliebers to be decked out in head to toe Bieber merchandise, or purple, because I think we all know by now, that is Justin’s favorite color. The Beliebers will be holding signs with messages such as “Thank You JB!” “I love you Justin!” “Happy Birthday Justin!” etc. and dancing around, having a good time. Each group will bring a different element to the video, and in addition to the videos, the girls will also be including pictures that Beliebers have sent in over the past few weeks.

The girls have recently teamed up with Together We Rise, a non profit that focuses on improving the lives of foster children around the United States, as well as Brush Buddies, the company responsible for the creation of the singing Justin Bieber toothbrush. The two organizations are sponsoring the project, and helping the girls make this song be the very best it can be. This birthday dedication is just the beginning for these girls, and one of the many projects they have planned to show Justin their support. They have created a website, where they will share their projects, and encourage Beliebers around the world to join. Never underestimate the power of Beliebers, they are without a doubt one of the most dedicated fandoms I’ve ever seen, and when they want something accomplished they put their heart and soul into it, very much like their idol.

I had the pleasure of talking with the group of girls who are organizing the song, and the effort that they are putting into this project is astounding. While talking with them, I couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you making this song for Justin?” Yes, they are putting all of this together to give to him as a birthday present, but that doesn’t even begin to explain the reason behind it all. Over these past few years, Bieber has gone above and beyond for his fans, and his love for them is endless, but Beliebers want to make sure that Bieber knows their love and appreciation of him is just as strong. Bieber has impacted millions of lives in a way that I don’t even think he can wrap his head around, and this song is just their way of expressing to him how truly grateful they are for everything he does for them.

Not only is Justin Bieber an extremely talented and extremely handsome young artist, but his passion lies not only in music, but in giving back in almost every way possible. Justin is always doing his very best to pay it forward. Whether it be donating to various charities or visiting children’s hospitals, there is no denying how big this boy’s heart is. He is constantly encouraging his fans to give back in any way they can, and personally I think that is the most remarkable part about this entire “Thank You JB” project. These girls wanted to make sure that every cent made off of this song and video will go directly to Bieber’s Believe Charity Drive. And if that’s not admirable, I don’t know what is!

So on March 1st don’t forget to head on over to iTunes and purchase the “Thank You JB” song in honor of Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday for just 99 cents!

Enormous thanks to the incredibly hard working girls who organized this entire project, Vivian & Kadra of @JustinCrew, the girls of @Bieberpossy, Courtney, Diana, Shaine and Lindsey. As well as Asia of @DazzlingJustin for telling us all about the LA Video Shoot! We had a great time talking with you girls, and really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedules to tell us all about this incredible project. I think I speak for those thousands of Beliebers around the globe when I say we cannot wait to hear/see the finished project!

-Meg M.


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