Fashion in the Music Scene: Men’s Shoes

February 1, 2012

Let’s be honest, some men couldn’t care less about their outfit as long as it’s clean…but one thing to note that most men do care about, is their shoes! The latest trend to sweep man nation is having the fliest footwear.  Artists have been known to reference shoes within their lyrics, sport matching kicks side court at basketball games or just to look fly before catching their next flight. When researching men’s footwear (since I don’t wear it myself) it seemed to me that a lot of male celebs are sporting Jordans and/or Vans! A-listers from Lil Wayne and Chris Brown to Ludacris and Justin Bieber have been spotted at tons of events, wearing both styles in different variations of colors and designs. So men, even if you don’t care about the full ensemble, know that a sweet pair of kicks can score you major points; bonus if they coordinate with your outfit!

P.S. — Super Bonus if your outfit is clean!

-Ashlee M.

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