Fashion in the Music Scene: Grammy Hits and Misses

February 14, 2012

The Best

Women in black… The ladies in black stunned on the red carpet and during the show.  Not only did Adele sweep the show in wins, but she swept viewers away on the red carpet.  With her red lip, blonde locks and black gown, she looked simply amazing.  Rihanna brought Sexy back and made every man and woman drop their jaws upon arrival while  Jennifer Hudson wowed the crowed during her tribute to Whitney. Not only did she resemble the late icon but she looked stunning while doing so in a classy black dress.

Women of Country… The country gals also found themselves stealing the show.  Taylor made out well with two wins and Carrie scored points for a wonderful performance.  Miranda, along to support her hubby, didn’t fail to impress either.  These women represent country music well and did so while wearing A+ attire.

Just Missed the Mark

Fergie and Katy both are amazingly, stunning women.  However, that being said, their attire didn’t exactly hit the nail on the head.  Both were not atrocious by all means, but it just seemed like they could have done it a bit better.  Fergie’s orange was an awesome choice of color, but those ‘granny panties’ showing through might need to go back to the closet. This would have been A+ had it had orange netting underneath to hide her undergarments, but it didn’t; therefore, it missed the mark.  As for Katy, this dress is gorgeous and so is she, but it seems kind of elderly for Katy.  I wish she would have shown just a little more youth within her choice. However, her performance totally rocked, so consider it redeemed!


All I can think to type is… WOW. It is great to see individuality expressed through fashion, it really is. However, sometimes it is just a little much. Nicki is an amazing artist and has been known to express her fashion in a different way, but this oversized cloak was not for her. She is so beautiful and this cloak hid her. I would have liked to see a little more Nicki and a little less cloak. Next we have a bionic arm. The dress in itself, worn by Sasha Gradiva was not bad at all. It actually could have been really cute without the machinery sported along with it. Needless to say, this metal piece was not the best accessory choice. Lastly, Robyn, who was nominated for ‘Best Dance Recording’ seemed to have forgotten her shoes. These ‘construction boot’ type platforms were really overbearing with the white dress. The dress was not the best choice either but may have looked a tad better with a pair of shoes that don’t look like they belong with a tool belt.

-Ashlee M.

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