Fashion in the Music Scene: Beyonce in Boots

February 10, 2012

With winter coming to a fast close, boots are out in full force.  Though boots are a hot item all year round, there’s just nothing like spicing up a winter outfit with a hot pair.  Beyonce, from her days with Destiny’s child to the days of having her own child, has never ceased to amaze.  This woman is an icon in all aspects thus including fashion.  Let’s all remember, this is a woman who at 9 months pregnant is rocking a pair of stilettos.  I mean, is she even human? So, when it came down to featuring boots, none other than this gorgeous woman came to mind.  Beyonce has worn thigh highs, knee highs, convertibles, and even ice skate boots as pictured on the above right.  Short boots can be very chic and tall boots can elongate the legs, giving that mile-long look every girl desires to have.  Now, no promises any of us will ever achieve Beyonce fashion status, but hey, rocking a great pair of boots is a fine place to start.

-Ashlee M.

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