Bieber Buzz: Believe, RedOne, & Far East Movement

February 17, 2012

As every Belieber knows, The Biebs has been hard at work in the studio these past couple months working on his next album, ‘Believe’; first in various studios all over Los Angeles, hooking up with, and Drake, then at The Hit Factory in North Miami with Lil Wayne, Timberland and Pharrell. With all of these musical heavy hitters you would assume something would have been leaked already. Yet everyone working on the project has been very tight lipped; no official release date, no single has been dropped, no Twit videos from the studio… nothing and fans are getting anxious! They want believe, they want new music and they want it NOW!

However, Justin is doing his best to keep fans in the loop during his jam packed schedule, tweeting about new music coming “very, very, very soon” and also letting the fans know they are in for a surprise, tweeting “this album is not what you are expecting”.

With all of this going on, Justin somehow found time to make a cameo on another artist album. He recently tweeted “other than my album I did some cameos lately. Gonna make em dance”. My guess is the superstar is referring to working with ‘Far East Movement’, the band most famously known for their techno dance track ‘G6’. Famous producer, RedOne, obviously didn’t get the strict gag order from the Bieber camp, because he opened up to MTV about Justin singing the chorus on Far East Movement’s next track. RedOne says “it’s a smash”.

The star producer also complemented Justin’s work ethic, start power, and over all musical talent. After working with Bieber on this project, it’s possible that RedOne might produce some tracks on Justin’s upcoming ‘Believe’ album.

With names like, Drake, Lil Wayne, Timberland, Pharrell and now possibly music producer, RedOne this album is going to be NUTS! Who’s ready for ‘Believe’?


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