Up and Coming Recording Artist: Montana Tucker

January 14, 2012

I was granted the honor of interviewing one of the sweetest and most talented girls I’ve ever spoken with. I’m talking about rising star Montana Tucker. And if there’s one thing you can sense in Montana, it’s her passion and drive.

As an up-and-coming recording artist, dancer, and actress, she’s what the entertainment industry calls a triple threat. Born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida, Montana began her endeavors at the age of 8 when she began modeling. From modeling, she moved her way into the dancing world. Her mom opened a dance company called Pop Stars and arranged for choreographers from LA and New York to teach workshops, which gave her the leeway to further her skills. And by the age of 14, she found herself as a backup dancer for Ashanti and Ashlee Simpson. Eventually, she got more of the performance fever, “I was really, really serious about dancing. When we would do these shows, I would hear the crowd chanting the artist’s name, and that’s when I knew. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a singer. Honestly I love a big crowd. When you perform songs you’ve worked so hard on and you see all the fans singing along, it’s amazing and that’s the feeling that made me want to become a singer” she told me.

Since then she’s opened for Lil Wayne and Omarion, collaborated on a track with Flo Rida, and even had a single featured on the soundtrack for Step-Up 2: The Streets titled Ain’t No Stressin”. Now just a few days shy of turning 19, Montana is recording new material for a new album under the management of Kenny Hamilton and her mom.

I was given the privilege of hearing a few of Montana’s unreleased songs. With powerhouse vocals perfectly tuned and defined with the help of vocal coach Jan Smith and lyrics that everyone can relate to, her upcoming album is going to be phenomenal! She even writes or co-writes most of her songs, “I love writing; it makes me feel more connected to the music.” Her inspiration? The things that every girl or guy goes through, life experiences. “I use my life experiences, my friend’s experiences. The girl drama, relationships.” What separates Montana from other singer/songwriters you ask? Her sound. In the past she’s been compared to a young JLo, but now she has a sound that she’s making all her own.

So what kind of music can we expect from Montana? “dance music. Clean dance music. No cussing or talk about drugs, nothing like that. Just clean dance music. A pop/hip-hop sound.” When asked what artist she would love to collaborate with, the answer came easy to her, “I would love to work with Chris Brown or my idol, Beyoncé. I love Beyoncé, I study Beyoncé.” If you follow Montana on twitter, you know that the girl loves Beyonce. She recently tweeted, “All I want for my birthday is to meet Beyonce and an iphone…too much to ask for ? lol”.

If any of you think that Montana Tucker is going to be another artist that falls off the horse once she reaches full-blown celebrity status, you’re wrong. She has a great team backing her who isn’t afraid of knocking her back down to earth. “I mean there have been times where both Kenny and my mom have told me “No.” My mom really does have my best interest at heart. I use to think she was so strict when I was younger but now I look back and know that she really did have my best interest at heart. I’ve seen so much happen to celebrities, I would never let it (the fame) get to me like that.” Montana even looks to fellow popstar Justin Bieber as a good example. “Seeing Justin, and him being so humble. He also has a good team surrounding him. If you don’t have a good team around you, to keep you on the ground, it can definitely happen. And that won’t happen to me.”

When she’s not recording, she likes to do normal things, “I love the beach, you know I’m a Florida girl. I love being with my girls and when I’m in LA, I love hiking the mountains. I’d take hiking over the gym any day!” She loves Twitter and reading all the tweets her fans send her, “you know when someone says that you’ve inspired them through your music or dancing, you know you’re doing something right.” A message to her fans that have dreams, “don’t give up. Keep going and don’t get discouraged.”

A few random facts about Montana are: she’s currently obsessing over Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” and if she had to choose between Taylor Lautner, Chris Brown, Drake, or the Biebs as her date for the Grammy’s, she’d definitely go with Taylor Lautner. (who wouldn’t?) She admits, “as embarrassing as it is to say, my favorite football team is the Miami Dolphins.” When performing, there are only a few things she requests in her contract rider, “water and a rehearsal space. I also don’t like a lot of people in the room right before I go on stage.” If she had to pick a favorite thing about herself, it’s her loyality to her friends, “I like to think of myself as a loyal friend. I’m the type of person who would do anything for you and for those that I love.”

If you aren’t a fan of Montana Tucker by now, you’re missing out. She’s a talented young lady who is going to do big things and in words of Kenny Hamilton, “2012 is the year that Montana Tucker blossoms.” And I couldn’t agree more. She deserves it, she’s worked hard, and it definitely shows. So look out music world, Montana Tucker is coming at you full-throttle.

-Kellie C.

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