Shorty Awards: Vote DJ Tay James

January 6, 2012

What better way to prove you knows the DJ than by voting for the one and only DJ Tay James in the 2012 Shorty Awards.

Now most of you have probably seen the tweets that look like this “I nominate @DJTayJames for a Shorty Award in #art because #weknowthedj” and have no clue what a Shorty Award even is. The Shorty Awards honor the best people and organizations of social media: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, FourSquare, etc.

Why should you vote for him you ask? Well his mashups are sick, he’s made a successful brand from, he’s traveled the globe as Justin Bieber’s official DJ, and he’s a pretty dope guy. And Considering our very own DJ Tay James has an account on most social media websites, his odds at winning this award are looking pretty good. He is already in second place and quickly gaining votes on the leader. So let’s prove that the world knows DJ Tay James and get him his first ever Shorty Award! You can vote by clicking the link below. Make sure you add something after “because” or the vote won’t count. A simple #weknowthedj will suffice.

Now start voting!

-Kellie C.


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