Justin Bieber pays Tribute to King of Pop

January 27, 2012

Today marked a day that many will never forget—the ‘Michael Jackson Immortal, hand and footprint’ tribute ceremony.  Along many others there to honor the late, great King of Pop, one name in particular stood out to many– Mr. Justin Bieber himself.  As Paris Jackson, the beautiful daughter of Michael, introduced Justin, she stated, “My father would have been proud to mentor this person…”. These words were not only powerful, but obviously nerve racking for JB.  As Justin approached the stage he stated, “I don’t usually get nervous, but I’m kind of a little right now. Michael meant so much to me. I know he meant a lot to you guys as well. He was more than an entertainer, He was an inspiration. He was kind, gentle and very charitable. People are going to remember him for his dancing and singing, but people have to remember him for being the man he was. Everything I do, I look at Michael Jackson.” He then added, “I used to look in the mirror and sing ‘Rockin’ Robin’ to myself when I was really little. I want to sing a little of that for you guys.” After nailing the tribute he closed with heartfelt words stating, “Thank you so much. Have a blessed day. Michael, I love you!”

The young man has been known to greatly express his passion and respect for MJ and made it known that Michael is his all-time hero. He recently made a statement in V Magazine that voiced of his utmost respect for Michael. He said Michael was and still is the greatest; he always sang clean lyrics that appealed to all ages. He also added that nobody is on Michael’s level but he wishes to be one day and will work as hard as he has to get there. It is true that Michael’s legacy cannot and will not ever be forgotten or replaced and Justin only wishes to strive to be that great; to make his mark as Michael has. The King of Pop has done all the things Justin pinned to him, but there is also no denying that Justin Is achieving those marks as well.  Sometimes I think Justin sells himself short- he doesn’t see what we all see. Many of us, young and old or in between already look at Justin as our MJ.  I don’t know how many times I’ve read on Twitter, “Our grandparents had Elvis, our parents had Michael and we have Justin Bieber.”

Today as the Michael Jackson tribute was live streaming, Twitter was a fury with beliebers discussing the irony of Justin getting to honor his hero.  Some were emotional, some were proud, some were heartfelt, but all were positive. It truly touched everyone to see their idol get to honor an idol of his own.  Many commented on Justin’s nervousness just as the pop star did the same. Justin took to Twitter after the performance stating, “Just left the Michael Jackson ceremony… I don’t get nervous usually but I was really nervous. To be with his family. He was the greatest!” Immediately following, Justin asked his followers to help him trend #MJ forever. However, ironically #JB forever began trending instead.  After viewing the tweets that poured in under the trending topic, it was obvious that Justin’s beliebers already view him just as powerful as Michael.  They don’t believe he has already achieved that status or level of success, but they do believe he is working as hard and will continue to do so.  They believe they have chosen an idol that can become legendary and they vow to stay behind him and follow his journey. One of the top tweets under the trend read, “#JBforever, one day we will be celebrating Justin’s life and influence over the world. This is only the beginning.” This tweet in itself sums up Beliebers views on Justin. In addition, several hours later, Paris Jackson tweeted, “Had such an amazing time today. Creds to Justin Bieber who did a great job (: The fam really appreciates it<3”. One could assume, this tweet sums up the Jackson families view on Justin as well.

As Justin found himself amongst the family that he considers a legend, beliebers found themselves amongst each other, watching this amazing tribute and seeing their idol become his own version of his legend.

-Ashlee M.

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