Jason DeRulo Cancels Tour

January 8, 2012

It’s not often that an artist cancels a tour, so when they do, you know it’s with good reason. Jason DeRulo’s reason is as good as any. While rehearsing for his upcoming Future History World Tour, DeRulo attempted an acrobatic move and landed on his head. The fall fractured his neck, and caused him to be bedridden until further notice. The “Future History” Tour was set to start next month in the UK but due to his recent accident has been called off. Those who have bought tickets to the shows will be reimbursed however DeRulo plans to reschedule the tour for a later date when he is physically able. DeRulo had hopes of bringing a new “performance-art” element to the show, which included tons of dancing and acrobatic moves. He stated that he had no intentions of just standing in front of the mic with the band at his back, but he wanted to merge a story
within the show.

 Jason DeRulo turned to his Facebook page and Twitter to give his apologies to his fans. On January 4th he tweeted, “I fractured my neck doing tumbling & acrobatics 4 tour! Always trying 2 push boundaries 4 YOU! Like my new chain? 😉 http://t.co/Hysz8kaD.” Attached was a
picture of the R&B/ pop singer laying in a hospital bed sporting his new neck brace. He then updated the fans on his Facebook Page on January 6th with the following message, “My injury is called a “Hang Man’s Break” because it is the same bone that is broken when someone is hung! I am so blessed to still be here! 95% of people with the same injury end up paralyzed or gone.
Everything happens for a reason. Traumatic experiences can change you for the better. My outlook on life is so much clearer! Don’t forget what’s important. Life is short so do it today, tomorrow could be a day too late!” We wish for a speedy recovery, and hope that the star is back on his feet and able to launch the “Future History” World Tour.

-Meg M.

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