Healthy and Happy Demi Lovato

January 8, 2012

Lovatics will be happy to know what their idol, Miss Demi Lovato, has planned for 2012.

During a recent interview with Seventeen Magazine, the pop star gushed about spending some much-needed quality time with her fans this year. The young starlet hopes to start her world tour for her smash album ‘Unbroken’ soon. She also hinted that she would be starting work on her next album later this year, and is hopeful to collaborate with rap superstar Eminem. For now though, the singer-songwriter will focus bringing the inspirational messages from songs like “Skyscraper” & “Lightweight” to fans a crossed the world.

As for Demi’s recovery, most will recall her stint in rehab early last year stemming from bulimia and self-injury, the star is focusing on moving on Demi told E! that it’s a daily struggle, she said “There is always something”. However, she is staying strong, positive, and is more empowered than ever about sharing her troublesome experience with others.

Over the holidays, Demi attended the rehab facility she once called home; to speak
to current recovering addicts about her story, she hoped to instill the fact that things do get better.

The inspirational pop singer is also gracing the cover of this month’s Seventeen Magazine, and the stars favorite part about the cover shot? She tells E! “It just looks like me, that makes me happy”

Who’s exited for Demi’s world tour?

-Ashley Anne



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