Fashion in the Music Scene: Usher

January 24, 2012

Of the countless times you see Usher, nine times out of ten, he’s wearing what? That’s right… Sunglasses! This beautiful man is always covering those gorgeous eyes with a sweet pair of shades.  Sunglasses are a huge hit for celebrities like Mr. Raymond IV, not only do they block out the sun but also the many flashes of the paparazzi. However, just because shades help celebrities go incognito and display ultimate superstar status; they aren’t just a celebrity trend. Turns out a nice pair of sun blockers look pretty cool on the average human being as well: male or female! Whether they are dressing up an outfit, hiding those morning eyes before the makeup or helping you achieve Hollywood status for an evening, the good thing about a cool pair of shades are- they’re an accessory that doesn’t have to break the bank. Nevertheless, they are also versatile; pair them with a thousand different outfits, no one would ever know.  As I’m sure everyone would agree, Usher looks suave no matter what he is wearing, but you have to admit, Usher just wouldn’t be Usher without those Sunglasses—even indoors!

-Ashlee M.


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