Fashion in the Music Scene: Jennifer Lopez

January 21, 2012



As the winter season rolls on, girls/women everywhere begin scrounging for the perfect winter ensembles. It can be hard feeling chic and glamorous in the winter when you’re wearing so much bulk; but let me assure you of one piece that will  never fail you in the cold months.

A peacoat: A colored peacoat at that– the brighter the better.

Color is all the rage right now and Jennifer Lopez nailed this look by pairing a mustard colored peacoat with a black top and white pants.  This look is so classy and so glamorous but without that pop of color, could have passed us by as just a regular black and white pairing. But that coat!—that coat has made a world of difference. So, ladies in that winter funk- put on that peacoat in a shade of your favorite color and hit the town feeling like JLo and looking like a million bucks.

-Ashlee M.

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