Fashion in the Music Scene: Color Blocking

January 26, 2012


Color blocking, color blocking, color blocking. This is one of those trends that you hear about it, ask what it is and then suddenly can’t stop hearing about it;  Or in this case, seeing it.  So what is color blocking you ask… Color blocking is combining different colors within your outfit that complement each other. This trend has been all over the runways, all over the streets and all over celebrities.  For  instance, Rihanna has gone bold and colorful whereas JLo has gone subtle and sleek. Katy Perry recently graced the front of Elle Magazine wearing the trend, but was also spotted in color blocked shoes at the 2011 VMA’s. There is no doubt that this look has taken over, the real question here is: How long do you think it will stick around?

Don’t want to waste time finding out? Then, jump on the bandwagon—these loud and proud color combinations make for a dynamic, confident look. If you’re having trouble blocking or you don’t know if you’re brave enough to pull off the look, you could opt to try complimentary color blocking. Complimentary colors are natural opposites so they’re guaranteed to work well together. Check out the color wheel below to reference any colors that would look good blocked together.

-Ashlee M.



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