Fashion in the Music Scene: An Image Beyond Fashion

January 10, 2012

Sometimes fashion isn’t about a specific trend, but how you differentiate yourself from others.  When this concept is brought up, three very iconic women come to mind– Gaga, Nicki, and Katy!

All three of these ladies have a very unique way of displaying their own fashion yet all in very different ways.  Gaga defines hers
as artistic expression, Katy defines hers as feminine and Nicki defines hers in a variety of alter egos. This is just one way of showing that fashion not only doesn’t have limits, but having no limits can still be made into your own.

Though not a pinpointed trend, these ladies have built anticipation. They make you want to watch every red carpet appearance, every performance and every interview just to see what they will show up in next.  In the end, what this trend is… is personality.  It’s keeping their fans always on their toes by being fresh, new and exciting. It’s uniqueness, it’s building their character, it’s an image beyond fashion.

-Ashlee M.

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