Exploring International Music: New Zealand’s Own Six60

January 22, 2012

In honor of all our amazingly fabulous international readers the team and I wanted to do a little exploring in the realm of international music, what’s popping music wise around the world. For my first post I picked New Zealand… why you may ask, (and if not humor me). A couple of years ago I got the amazing privilege to go to the country of New Zealand for a study abroad program through my school. I was there 2 months and I fell head over heels in love with the island time, laid back type of lifestyle, the adrenaline junkie activities, and beautiful scenery that was almost everywhere I looked. I always tell myself if everything in my life were to fall apart I would move to the shores of New Zealand never to return. Pretty much I fell in love with almost EVERYTHING NZ had to offer and that included their music.

A lot of my favorite music has a reggae sound to it, like Jason Mraz, Sean Kingston, Ray LaMontagne or Pepper. Much of the music that comes from New Zealand has that island vibe to it, what I like to call “chill Music”. Six60 does this sound better than anyone in the music scene right now. They are a five member band out in New Zealand that is tearing up the charts down under; currently holding both 8th and 27th place in New Zealand’s top 30. The band formed in 2006, released their first EP in 2009 and on October 10th, 2011 released their self titled debut album that debuted at number 1 in NZ. The band called themselves “Six60” after a rundown makeshift studio they recorded at on 660 Castel Street in Northern Dunedin, Pretty clever huh? Not only do these guys have a great sound and a catchy name, I had the privilege of seeing these guys perform while I was in New Zealand at a rundown dive bar on an open mic night and I can tell you first hand these guys are the real deal. They write their own stuff, play all the instruments you hear on the record and seem pretty damn down to earth. SO next time you are heading to the beach, hosting a BBQ, or just flat-out need to CHILL, check out Six60, my bet is you won’t be disappointed.

A big ‘Sweet As’ going out to Six60, Cheers Fellas!

-Ashley Anne

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