January 21, 2012

BELIEVE IS COMING… and if you have no idea what I am talking about then ask a Belieber. They will proceed to gush (and possibly scream) about how excited they are for Justin Bieber’s next album, ‘Believe‘. It may seem to some that the 17-year-old couldn’t possibly have yet another album coming out, and admittedly it is a bit excessive. I mean, 5 albums released in 2 short years is crazy! But the kid is on fire, his passion and drive is unparalleled, he just can’t be stopped.

Though the details of the album have yet to be released, the buzz is swarming around ‘Believe’, set to be released in the upcoming months. Critics and fans alike are all waiting with bated breath, wondering what this teen phenomenon will do next. Though there is really no such thing as an inside scoop when it comes to Mr. Bieber, his fans know ALL! But for those who don’t, what can you expect from this next album? Well, as Bieber said to V magazine, “It’s all about making good music”. The star wants to stay true to his roots, releasing good, clean, pop songs. Even thought the young star admires rap super stars like Kanye West and Lil Wayne and has created a stir in the rap game as of late through radio appearances where the Biebs busts out some mad rap flows! None the less, he has no plans for Believe or any other future album to be completely rap. Though, Shawty Mane (Justin’s rap spitting alter ego) and his fans may disagree, the man himself says to V magazine “I do it for fun… I don’t think people take me seriously doing it…” However, this album is likely to be more mature than past releases, which is expected considering that the pop icon will be turning 18 in March (Holla Legal Beliebers). But have no fear Mom and Dad; you can still root for JB. Justin remains dedicated to being a positive role model for fans and creating a positive change in the world though his music and charity organizations. For this album Bieber will also be collaborating with some major star power. Artist like Drake,, and Kanye West are all expected to be a part of this upcoming project.

Regardless of who makes the cut on to the album, who helps in the production, or when it is released, I’m sure this album and Justin won’t disappoint!

Justin is in the studio, ‘Believe‘ is coming…Who’s excited?!?!


-Ashley Anne

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