Lady Gaga- Marry The Night (Official Music Video)

December 2, 2011

Well recognized for her bizarre sense of style and outrageously peculiar performances, Lady Gaga can now be acknowledged as a director. Lady Gaga made her directorial début with the music video of her latest single, ‘Marry The Night.’ The 13 minute 47 second video leaked online hours before being debuted on the singer’s E! News special December 1st. The video mini-movie depicts the worst day of Gaga’s life in which she says she had a taste of her dreams and it was quickly taken from her when Island Def Jam Records dropped her from the label in 2006.

There are only three words to describe this video, IT HAS EVERYTHING. In the beginning, a dark-haired Gaga is wheeled on a gurney in what appears to be a psychiatric ward. As a nurse tends to her, Gaga says “I’m going to be a star. You know why? Because I have nothing left to lose.”  Throughout the rest of the video there’s a naked Gaga (dying her hair in a bath tub, lying on a bed while talking on the phone and roaming around a room with Cheerios smeared on her face), French dialogue, dancing scenes in the middle of a street and a studio, a ‘Black Swan’ type performance, Gaga carrying her keyboard down steps, trashing her apartment, exploding cars, and even big hats. Oh and how could I forget the ode to the Bedazzler! And most of the scenes are before the song even starts! (If you wanna skip to the song, go to the 8:48 mark, but my suggestion is that you watch the entire epic clip.) As the video wraps, the camera captures a shot of a message written on Gaga’s hand: “Interscope Records, Hollywood , CA 4pm.” Told ya there’s a lot going on!

I guess you could say that Lady Gaga is not only telling her story in this brilliant master piece, but she’s dedicating ‘Marry The Night’ to anyone who tried to live their dreams and failed. In the words of Lady Gaga “You’re a warrior queen, live passionately tonight.”

-Kellie C.

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