Bieber Flow: Hot 97 Freestyle

November 21, 2011

“Number 1 hits, I got number 1 flicks, In the number 1 kicks, and the number 1 chicks

Justin Bieber is on a roll! Just Flow, as I have dubbed his rapping alter ego; makes yet another radio appearance as Bieber slid by the Hot 97 studios recently. The young man if nothing else, has continuously shown progression in his short-lived rap career. Every time we get a sample of what The Biebs has been cooking up it seems like the ingredients have had a little more time to simmer and marinate. All together, creating a brewing pot of what could potentially be a dinner Bieber may one day serve up to the public on a production platter. (Pardon all the food metaphors, its close to Thanksgiving and my mind is already focused on turkey.)

It seems as if more people are starting to give Bieber his props when it comes to his lyricism, as the Hot 97 hosts genuinely applaud his efforts. Nothing in his rhymes can be disputed, the man does have groupies, hits, and plenty of cash to blow; all of which are prerequisites to diving into a rap career these days. Stay tuned for the DJ Tay James hosted mixtape coming soon. (Okay let me not get ahead of myself.)

-T. Adeyemi
“Be Real, Be True, Keep it 100.”

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