Eazy-E’s Daughter Wants to Play Her Dad in N.W.A. Biopic

October 4, 2011
My thoughts on who should portray my father Eazy-E in a biopic!
I feel the role of my dad in a biopic should “Not” just be a “given” to my brother Lil Eazy
solely on the strength that he is my father’s junior! To be honest my father has four sons
total who all resemble him in their own way, just as I have an uncanny resemblance to
my father and I am a girl. I think my brother should have to audition and earn the role by
delivering a great read instead of just being handed the role—and I’d like to add that I
feel I should have that same opportunity to audition for the role as well, and be given
equal consideration based on my acting ability and not just my relation. I have dreamed
of getting this role for many years now, as I have always been inspired by how Hilary
Swank played a boy in “Boys Don’t Cry,” which I’ve referenced in a past
AllHipHop.com interview in 2007
At the end of the day whomever portrays my father should be someone who will do a
magnificent job at it (even if it’s someone other than myself or my brother) and truly
bring my father back to life on the “Big Screen” by giving an Academy Award-winning
portrayal of Eazy-E just as Jamie Foxx did for Ray Charles. This biopic is a serious deal
to me as I’m sure it’s a serious deal to the film company and its producers, so let’s treat
this according to “Hollywood film standards” and not some watered down “homie
hookup” type crap! It’s more important to me, as I’m sure would be my father’s thinking
as well, that this role be determined by the motto, “May the best man (or woman) win!”
My father’s legacy is a very delicate situation, as his legacy and his self-image, have
already been misrepresented for far too long. I am super excited at the thought that this
film could really be happening to remind everyone of just how much my father’s
movement and vision did for Hip-Hop culture in a positive way!
To be continued….
Yours Truly,
E.B. Wright


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