Kanye West & Jay-Z, Watch The Throne: ‘Otis’ Video

August 12, 2011

Apparently Jay-Z wasn’t lying when he said, “I guess I got my Swagger back…Truth.” The Brooklyn bred rapper who’s mostly known for having a less than emotional demeanor let’s loose in the initial visual from his compilation album with Kanye West, Watch the Throne. The duo enlisted director Spike Jonze to help create the visual for the “Luxury Raps” as West puts it that are featured on “Otis.”

Within the past week Watch the Throne has taken over airways, blogs, ipods and now you can probably add music channels to that list. “Otis” follows the pattern of the album whereas Kanye & Jay-Z take a different appraoch to creating a masterpiece. The visial features a stripped down Maybach with Fast & the Furious type of modifications that gives it a Back 2 the Future appearance. Throw in a couple beautiful women and the random appearance by Aziz Ansari as the chauffeur and perhaps you have the makings of an entertaining video.

The Maybach featured in the video will be auctioned off to support efforts in East Africa. It seems The Throne are smarter than people give them credit for even after the heavy criticism they have received for flaunting their supreme financial status during these economic tribulations.

The physical copy of Watch the Throne is available today in most major retailers, with Best Buy exclusively selling the deluxe edition.

-T. Adeyemi
“Be Real, Be True, Keep it 100.”


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