Skepta’s ‘Dare To Dream’ Single Removed And Sold To Eminem!

July 24, 2011

Skepta got a shock last week, when his new single ‘Dare To Dream’ was taken off YouTube who cited copyright issues. However, there were no copyright issues – the track was removed from the site because Eminem wanted it!

The ‘Boy Better Know’ co-founder gave BBC Radio 1 Xtra’s Mistajam permission to play the new track on his radio show first. However, the radio rip was taken down from YouTube just as fast as it appeared, leaving Skepta confused.

Little did he know at the time, but Interscope Records boss Jimmy Lovine heard the track and liked it so much that he demanded YouTube to take the song down because of copyright issues. Apparently, Jimmy thought the song had commercial potential and he thought the right person for the track was Eminem.

But things weren’t so bad, as Jimmy reportedly offered Skepta a huge amount of money for his permission to give the song to Eminem. When things became clearer for Skepta, he tweeted: “Just got a f**king CRAZY email, I don’t know if I should be angry or privileged. This explains why the f**k YouTube took ‘Dare To Dream’ off.”

In a series of tweets he said: “Jimmy Iovine Interscope heard my new single ‘Dare To Dream’ and decided he wanted to sign it for Eminem hence Universal takin it off YouTube”, before adding: ” overly love the song but at the same time I do understand Eminem together with the ‘Dare To Dream’ chorus will be absolutely f*%king CRAZY”.

We think Skepta’s version was sick, do you think Eminem will do a good job with ‘Dare To Dream?’

Skepta recently announced his UK tour – tickets on sale here.

In my opinion… Skepta killed this track, but Eminem will make this track HUGEEEE!

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