Love The Truth Clothing

February 11, 2011

Love The Truth Clothing specializes in affordable American made clothing. We aspire to make quality clothing while spreading a message of positivity and truth. We are rooted from three simple principles: Love, Integrity, and Social Consciousness.

Love – is where it all started, and Nicholas Shavatt (Founder/ Designer) was the man with the idea. With a Love for clothing, and a quest for Truth, Love The Truth Clothing was created. As Love The Truth grew, Nick decided to recruit his good friend Olusola Sekoni (Owner/ Designer). Olusola’s strong fashion sense and previous experience in the “rag industry” made him a perfect fit. The two would go on to form the nucleus of Love The Truth Clothing.
Integrity – is the heart and soul of our clothing line. Integrity is applied in every garment we produce. Each piece is inspected several times through the dying, rinsing, and printing processes. We offer a product satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with your product return it and we will send you a replacement.

Social Consciousness – will always be a trait that is required for every Love The Truth employee. We understand that we all are responsible for one another in one shape, form, or fashion! That is why we are “Crafted Truthfully In the USA”.
Love The Truth invites you to join us in our charitable efforts. We donate 3% of total profits to charities that we hold close to our hearts (The Helen Keller Foundation and The Jimmy V Foundation).

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