Chris Browns New Album

January 1, 2011

Chris Brown surprised his fans with a special announcement on Twitter today. The singer/songwriter revealed his intentions to release his upcoming ‘F.A.M.E’ album as a double disc.

Brown stated that he has recorded too many songs for just one CD and that he wants to issue the project as a double album. The name of the second disc is ‘Fortune’.

This is certainly an intriguing and plausible option. ‘Yeah 3x’ and ‘Look At Me Now (Ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne)’ target two completely different audiences, thus a if he releases the album as a double disc then the marketing scheme could promote each side to reflect such dissimilarities.

Still, as Brown correctly noted, the cost variable might work against him. He is still repositioning himself in public favour and he the risk of losing sales because of an expensive album could be too high.

Of course, another viable option would be to release a single disc album with the ever-popular deluxe edition version or even issue a re-release later in the year. Either way, he could always save the songs for later use.

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